The client is using the following > configuration: > > client > dev tun > proto udp > > remote 1194 > remote 1194 > remote random > resolv-retry 20 > > route-method exe > route-delay 2 > resolv-retry infinite > nobind > persist-key > persist-tun > > auth-user-pass > ca keys/ca.crt > > comp-lzo > verb 3

We currently have our VPN users set to an 8 hour timeout. We have one supplier that needs this to be longer though. Is there any way to increase the length of time without doing it for all users? Currently running E80.81 for the client and R77.30 on our gateways. Identifying and troubleshooting VPN session timeout issues The phase 1 policy will be able to go down without an issue and rekey, but if phase 1 and phase 2 timers go down at the same time, there's the potential for a timeout or longer time to connect Automatic disconnected from VPN after about 1 hour? | hide

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Getting disconnected from OpenVPN server each hour I am connecting from Windows 7 with official latest OpenVPN client to my OpenVPN server (OpenVPN 2.1.4 i386-redhat-linux-gnu). The problem is I am getting disconnected from my OpenVPN server exactly after 1 hour and I can't understand what directive/option is reponsible for this. OpenVPN / Re: [Openvpn-users] 1 hour timeout