Europea Usenet (No DMCA Takedowns)

Mimo Support. Get help with using Mimo Usenet browser + Search to access Giganews Usenet, download Mimo, get the manual or view the changelogs. The Giganews VPN Problem - TorrentLawyer Nov 12, 2014 Get the latest giganews news at TorrentFreak Giganews Resorts to DMCA to Quieten FBI Allegations. September 22, 2014, 20:20 by Andy Maxwell; 14; Giganews / Golden Frog Founder Fires Off at Dropbox and Mega. March 14, 2013, 19:11 by Andy

Usenet is a global network of hierarchical newsgroups arranged by subject. Giganews currently carries over 120k+ newsgroups and provides the highest quality article retention of any other Usenet provider.

Jul 01, 2016 · Giganews is based in the United States, making it subject to DMCA takedown requests on certain files. For this reason, we recommend Giganews customers at least purchase a backup block account from another provider on a different tier-1 network. Headers Information contained within a newsgroup post identifying the subject of the article, the newsgroup it was posted to, its author, the date it was created, the original Usenet server the article was posted to, and the path it has taken to reach any other servers, among other things. DMCA is it a US law. It doesn't have jurisdiction outside of their borders. So you are free to carry on Alternatively, switch to a European provider such as Astraweb. Do you use Giganews' ViprVPN and BitTorrent, together?

Giganews runs a large global communications platform; so by nature of retaining DataFoundry datacenters, VPN/hosting services, and NNTP operations in .us, .nl, .hk and other countries, communications traffic passing through Giganews servers is …

After dropping Giganews (for price reasons, not DMCA), I eventually ended up with SuperNews as my primary (a Giganews reseller, but much cheaper), with NewsGroupDirect (US) and TweakNews (EU) as my block backups. It seems to be working fine so far. Nov 12, 2014 · The Giganews VPN Problem (11/12/2014) CEG-TEK is now your friendly “photo” copyright troll. (6/13/2013) CEG-TEK’s new “you didn’t settle” letters sent from Marvin Cable. (3/22/2013) CEG-TEK’s DMCA Settlement Letters – What are my chances of being sued if I ignore? (2/22/2013) Why CEG-TEK’s DMCA settlement system will FAIL. (2 sorry to be the barer of bad news but you went all the way to south Africa to pay for – Readnews (US Company, one of the big 4 to avoid) -very much uses auto DMCA employed by highwinds, giganews etc. If yoy get past the front page nonsense marketing, and look at the bottom- DMCA- they allude to being a reseller. Jan 24, 2017 · Feb. 2014 update – Last week Giganews scored a legal victory for Usenet. The case involved Perfect 10 suing Giganews for copyright infringement. They contended in part that Giganews was not protected by the DMCA Safe Harbor provision and that they were willfully distributing copyrighted content owned by Perfect 10. Giganews est le meilleur fournisseur Usenet au monde. Offrant au monde la meilleure qualité de rétention et les vitesses les plus rapides au monde. Inscrivez-vous pour un essai gratuit de 14 jours. May 02, 2011 · And, of course, Giganews has a registered DMCA agent, so it has safe harbor protections from users. It's unclear from the report linked here if Perfect 10 filed takedowns,